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2013 China Intelligence Industry Peak BBS Held In Songshan Lake




On July 30, 2013 Chinese intelligence industry peak BBS held in dongguan songshan lake. The famous experts and scholars at home and abroad and the government leadership of guangdong, hainan and other provinces and cities, well-known enterprise executives and representatives of more than 100 enterprises come together to discuss the latest scientific research achievements and the tendency in the field of intelligent industry in our country. dongguan hengdafeng electronic technology were invited to attended the seminar.

   Li Guojie the engineer of Chinese sciences academy attend the 2013 China intelligent industry peak BBS and launch a speech. The peak BBS was hosted by the Chinese automation society, joint by cloud computing incubation center of Chinese sciences academy, institute of automation of Chinese sciences academy. On the BBS, experts launch for over 10 fascinating topic report around smart industries, covering big data, social production wisdom, intelligent transportation, Internet of things, cloud computing, e-commerce, electronic government, etc. Among them more than 10 enterprises shows their intelligent products on the BBS.

  JiTongKai the director of the cloud computing incubation center of Chinese sciences academy reported that since the center was formally established in dongguan in 2011, it has been achieved revenue of 116 million Yuan. According to the statistics from the 46 projects, it has bring out the direct economic benefit of 490 million Yuan, the indirect economic benefit of 5.668 billion Yuan.

  The BBS branch venue also hosted the IEEE (the American association of electrical and electronics engineers) automotive electronics and security international conferences and IEEE international conference on management, logistics and information service, It attracting top academic leaders in the field from 12 countries to participate. hired 134 outstanding papers.

  It is said that the purpose of this BBS is actively promote cloud computing and intelligent systems technology in domestic coordinated development and to provide "production, study and research" communication platform for the government, universities, research institutes, and intelligent industry enterprises and personnel.

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